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Aphrael ([personal profile] silverthunder) wrote2012-12-22 07:25 pm
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Random upate

So, Cody and I started watching Mirai Nikki, and basically put all other anime on hold while powering through that one.

Why? Same reason as the person who posted this video, pretty much.

Up until much later in the series, Yuno is by far the most interesting character in the whole thing. Not in a good way. In an omg-train-wreck-can't-stop-watching way.

Series contains many levels of psycho-ness and disturbing shit, including blood, gore, strongly implied rape, mass murder, and so much creepy stalker behaviour that it can't even be measured. Also, occasional moments of cutesy stuff? I... I don't understand, but this show does it. It's like "tee hee, they're on a date" and then "decaying bodies OMG!!!"

... I can't believe I like this shit, but holy fuck, it's good somehow.

In other news, snow is horrible and should be abolished. I've cleared my driveway twice already today and it's still going. I'm also making cookies, and tomorrow I'll be baking the usual cake for dessert on Monday. I have a week and a half off of work, thank god. That place is evil.

Looking forward to Christmas with the family!

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