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Jun. 6th, 2014 11:16 am
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I recently watched the anime series K. Originally this was going to be one of my workout anime, but I ended up just marathoning episodes. It was actually pretty good, and I ended up liking the main character more as it went along (he was kind of meh at first), although he got overshadowed by more interesting side characters IMO. Thirteen episodes was definitely not enough time to properly develop all of them, but I still found them likable, so good enough, I suppose. The various novel and manga prequels probably flesh some of them out more.

Speaking of manga, I went and read Memories of Red, because I like the Homra characters a lot, and goddamnit, now I totally ship Fushimi x Yata. Why is their angst so delicious? Fushimi acts like kind of a creepy psycho whenever he and Yata meet up in the anime, but in Memories of Red there was so much internal conflict. Those two just can't understand each other - it's almost painful to watch.

Also, I apparently decided to start watching this series at a really good time, because the Days of Blue manga is still ongoing, there's a manga adaption coming out for the Lost Small World novel (Fushimi x Yata backstory - more angst!), and the sequel movie, K: Missing Kings, is out in a month.

Here's hoping it all gets translated.
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It's funny, I can normally write a LOT without trying when I see a bunch of flaws in a series, but when it comes to the ones I really like, I usually have to actually think to find things to say (y'know, other than "this was really damn good, and everyone should watch it").

I just finished watching Nagi no Asukara, which was a really lovely series. I mean that literally, too - the art is beautiful, the scenery and colors and animation... my eyes were happy, let's just say.

The story was pretty engaging too, if you don't mind the endless series of crushes and complications that come with these kinds of pre-teen "growing pains" shows. I thought it handled itself well there, for all that you may have seen something similar somewhere else. The addition of the ocean city and the land city and their conflict and everything tying into a plot about change, feelings you can't control, and acceptance made things interesting.

Spoilery comments under cut )

All around, a very good series, and I recommend giving it a try.

Convenient video with all op/ed (note: spoilers in the second op/ed): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9uMeTPWwVY
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Random update, and I'll get the dull stuff out of the way first.

My sister emailed and apologized to me for the things she said. I'll be honest, I'd already forgiven her. I love my family a lot, even if I don't feel like I fit in well. I was thinking about emailing her, but I didn't know what to say. I didn't feel like I owed her an apology, so it felt like I'd be fishing for one from her. So I decided to wait and see what happened, and apparently that was the right way to do it. Anyway, the time between when she sent the original emails and when she sent the apology was about a month. It's the longest fight I have had with one of my sisters, but I don't feel like it created a gap between us. I'm known for holding grudges, but this time I wasn't really angry - mostly just sad. I was really happy to hear from her.

Cody and I started watching a series called To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index), which is pretty decent at six episodes in. The world and setting are interesting and I found the storyline compelling. The main character is sympathetic enough that I want to continue watching to see what happens with him, although some of the secondary characters don't have me convinced yet. I've noticed a couple of issues with pacing and exposition, but that's mostly due to the sheer volume of knowledge you need to take in about this world and the powers and curious things going on. Most of the episodes I've watched have managed this without too much awkwardness, with one very, very glaring exception.

Spoilers for episode four, in case anyone was planning on watching )

Anyway, aside from that episode, the series has been pretty okay. I'm enjoying it, anyway, and I'm kind of excited about the fact that it's got a lot of episodes (and I've heard that the side story to this one, which is also two seasons long, is actually better). Here's hoping we don't see any more awkward episodes like that one, though.

As usual, here are the opening and ending videos for the first half of season one if anyone's curious about this series:

OP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQIzb72IATU
ED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=choP8rCAJZY
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So Cody and I finished watching Sword Art Online last night. It was a good series! The theme of gaming and MMOs doesn't hurt it any, in my opinion! Both of us wanted to play after we finished - luckily, the beta for FFXIV was up, so we logged in to explore around for a bit.

As I've seen everyone say, the first half was noticeably better than the second half. However, for the most part, I still enjoyed the second half. With one very notable exception.

This is going to be a 'duh' for anyone who knows me and has seen Sword Art Online, but yeah: Asuna's treatment in the second half of the series.

I mean, we get this decently strong female character, who - while not being groundbreaking or anything - can hold her own in a fight and whose skills the main character - who is the epitome of the l33t gamer - respects. And she refuses to bow out of a fight because she wants to protect him as much as he wants to protect her. Better yet, she has the skill to do it!

And so, clearly, the best thing to do with this character is to make her essentially a princess in a tower waiting to be rescued for the whole second half of the series.

Such a disappointment.

And I will also say, outside of a spoiler cut, that the second half of this series would benefit from a trigger warning for the sexual harassment in it. Those scenes made me uncomfortable. The ending battle was the worst, but those "scientist" things? WTF, seriously? None of it was even necessary! The villain's "experiments" should have been enough to want to take him down. It seemed like a lame excuse to put fanservice of Asuna out there in various compromising positions - and, of course, to fuel Kirito's angst and rage in that last battle. Terribly, terribly degrading.

Spoilery stuff under here )

For all these complaints (and I know they're pretty serious ones), I still enjoyed Sword Art Online. It was a fun series that still managed to take itself seriously and tug at the heart strings here and there. The art was pretty, the theme of the series and how it carried off that plot was actually pretty good, and it made me want to game more. Haha!

Now let's get a series like this with better overall character development and a more active, strong female protagonist!

For those interested, the opening/closing videos for the first half of SAO:

OP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA-ZdNkRBGA
ED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w36jj0F-6pc


Jun. 4th, 2013 07:14 am
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Okay, seriously, Digimon fandom? This shit still matters? Really?

Besides, we all know that the true OTP of Adventure was Taichi/Yamato. The epilogue and any discussion around het pairings are all part of an elaborate cover-up, because the creators had to hide their true preference. And god knows we need the creators to state their intentions in order to validate our ships! Amirite?

In random other news, I'm thinking of maybe getting a tumblr. Anyone else active over there?
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I have to say that this right here is pretty awesome. Overly sexualized female armor makes me twitchy. It was one of my biggest pet peeves with Tera, although there were a lot of other reasons we stopped playing that game.

Work sucked so hard this week that I randomly had breakdowns into tears multiple times. I won't get into it. I hate that place with a passion but I need the money and given our city, I'd have to move to get comparable pay. That's not a viable option right now, so meh.

But! I've been spending my spare time either watching anime with Cody or playing Fire Emblem, and that has saved my sanity and kept me enjoying life in general.

Right now we're watching a series called Shingeki no Kyoujin, which is pretty intense! There are eight episodes out so far. When we started watching, we had seven downloaded. The idea was to watch one or two. Um, yeah. Seven episodes later, we were hunting for the eighth. The ninth should be out some time after today (since it airs on Saturdays in Japan).

Another series we're watching is called Hataraku Maou-sama!, and was recommended by [personal profile] insaneneko. This one we're taking a bit slower, but it's very cute and funny. We also enjoyed the first episode of Suisei no Gargantia (also recommended by insaneneko), but haven't watched further yet (once we run out of Hataraku Maou-sama!, I expect we'll start on those episodes).

So, Fire Emblem.

I'm on chapter 14, and would probably be farther but I've been grinding like made because I AM ADDICTED TO THE SUPPORT CONVERSATIONS OMG. I want to see them all! I took advise from some folks and grinded all of Chrom's early so that I could watch the confessions and then reset, because I heard that you don't get to choose when he gets married (it just happens at a certain point in the story). Then I grinded a lot of my tactician's (left some out since I wanted to continue and get more characters - I'll get them on a different play-through, maybe) because I wanted her to marry Chrom. I almost gave that up when I saw Gaius confess, though! That guy is awesome! Maybe on another play-through...

I think that now I have all of the characters who can marry each other and have kids, though, because there's only a couple who have any blank spots in their support lists, and they're the ones who don't have supports with anyone else. So, grind ahoy and get those conversations! Then I'll marry the ones I like and move on. Hehe.

Spoilery stuff )

All in all, this is probably one of the best single-player games I've ever played, and I'm anticipating many hours of fun with it. There's just so much you can do!
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I watched the last episode of Tales of the Abyss today - finally. I'd been holding out because Cody and I were watching it together and he wanted to finish the game first, but enough is enough. I wanted to see the rest. So I watched it.

For a game adaptation, it was pretty darn good! Not genius - it had pacing problems that were somewhat similar to the ones I noticed in Sword Art Online, and the character arcs were a touch on the shallow side - but still very enjoyable and engaging. The characters themselves were very likeable, despite Luke being a putz at the start (although the fact that he was such a flawed character might have actually made him more likeable), and the plot was interesting. The action scenes, although a little short sometimes, were exciting and had a nice look to them, and I appreciated the use of spell/action names. Because this is based on an RPG, after all!

Overall, I really had a fun time watching it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent sword-and-sorcery anime.

Cut for spoilers )

Off-topic: there's an open invitation to anyone familiar with the series to guess who my favorite character is. Just guess, you'll probably be right. I can be pretty predictable.

If you're interested in Tales of the Abyss, here is the OP video (incidentally, the same song used in the opening of the game, which is pretty cool). The OP is different for each episode because there's a little preview portion of the upcoming episode in it each time. I couldn't find the ED for some reason... too bad.

OP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5UIJ4109uQ

Mirai Nikki

Feb. 5th, 2013 01:21 pm
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So my sister gave birth almost a week ago. I haven't been able to see the baby (she lives eight hours away from me, and I won't have time off until March), but I've seen plenty of pictures. My mom is still down there, helping my sister with the first few weeks (which I'm sure she's grateful for).

The baby's name is Calvin. I thought that was pretty awesome. He's going to be so sick of stuffed tigers after a few years, I'm sure.

I currently have a cold (all nice and settled in my chest, so I'm hacking up flem and feeling that sting whenever I breathe, which is lovely). I took today off work, but I'm already starting to bounce back, so hopefully I'll make it in tomorrow.

Anyway, I said in a previous post that I'd talk about Mirai Nikki, and here it is.

The oh-so-original premise of Mirai Nikki is battle royale - kill or be killed, until one survivor remains (who will be the winner). We have a weak hero who is terrified out of his mind (understandably), a lot of psychos who find the game fun, and the female protector, who is strangely unphased by the killing and the unpleasantness. And let's not forget her creepy stalkerish obsession with the main character that borderlines a mental illness of some sort, making their relationship all kinds of unhealthy and, at the best of times, co-dependent.

Spoilers be under here )

For those interested...

Mirai Nikki 1st OP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okapFtXWcqI
Mirai Nikki 1st ED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiTdYWJHd6k
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So, Cody and I started watching Mirai Nikki, and basically put all other anime on hold while powering through that one.

Why? Same reason as the person who posted this video, pretty much.

Up until much later in the series, Yuno is by far the most interesting character in the whole thing. Not in a good way. In an omg-train-wreck-can't-stop-watching way.

Series contains many levels of psycho-ness and disturbing shit, including blood, gore, strongly implied rape, mass murder, and so much creepy stalker behaviour that it can't even be measured. Also, occasional moments of cutesy stuff? I... I don't understand, but this show does it. It's like "tee hee, they're on a date" and then "decaying bodies OMG!!!"

... I can't believe I like this shit, but holy fuck, it's good somehow.

In other news, snow is horrible and should be abolished. I've cleared my driveway twice already today and it's still going. I'm also making cookies, and tomorrow I'll be baking the usual cake for dessert on Monday. I have a week and a half off of work, thank god. That place is evil.

Looking forward to Christmas with the family!
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I've only seen about eight episodes of this series, but I do have some things to say about it so I decided to go ahead and make this post. My opinion could change later, obviously.

Following in the tradition of the .hack series, Sword Art Online is about a virtual reality MMORPG where players can log in and experience the game as if they were physically there. Like .hack//Sign (and perhaps other titles, but this is the one I know of), SAO is about being trapped in the game with no way to log out. However, in SAO this is global (all players are unable to log out, not just one). Additionally, if you die in the game, you WILL die in real life - and the only way to escape the game is to clear all 99 levels of the main dungeon.

Fans of MMORPGs (and fans of RPGs in general) will probably enjoy this title. It's fast-paced, well animated, has gorgeous music and exciting battle sequences, and there are many things that will be immediately understandable to gamers and make SAO feel like a real RPG.

I am really enjoying this anime, and look forward to watching more (Cody and I are watching together and trying to take our time since it's still airing right now). However! I cannot say it is perfect (far from it) and there are still a few problems I have with it.

More under the cut )

Anyway, for all of this, SAO is pretty damn entertaining. I'm definitely looking forward to watching more and seeing how this story unfolds!

OP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA-ZdNkRBGA
ED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w36jj0F-6pc


Nov. 9th, 2012 08:31 am
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I have only five episodes left of Mawaru Penguindrum now, and it's getting good! Looking forward to the finale - I have heard good things so I'm sure it won't disappoint.

I have some series lined up to try. The order I list them in here is the order in which I intend to watch them. If I don't like one, I'll drop it and move on to the next, but otherwise, the plan is to watch the whole thing before moving on.

1. Ano Natsu de Matteru (for the tie-in to Onegai Teacher)
2. Earl and Fairy (it's about fairies, come on)
3. Outlaw Star (giving it another shot)
4. Sands of Destruction (we bought the set this summer and I am starting to feel guilty about how many box sets we own that I haven't watched)

Cody and I are also going to watch some series together! So far we've watched two episodes of Sword Art Online, which seems to be pretty awesome and I think anyone who's a gamer and a fan of anime should definitely check it out. He also found a new series called Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic which also looks really neat. We'll be trying that one out tonight.

The fact that Magi's two top recommendations are Hunter X Hunter (the original) and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood gives me high hopes for it. We'll see if it lives up to those.
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Just this morning, I finished watching Fantastic Children.

It was very good. I'd go so far as to say that it's a shame it's never going to break away from being a "fringe" series, because I found it entertaining and the plot was fairly well thought-out. A lot of people are probably going to be turned off by the art or the title before even looking at an episode, and then more will be turned off by the lack of fast-moving action and the fact that it takes a while before the viewer is able to figure out what's actually going on (although this was really part of the fun for me). But while I wouldn't say this is going on my list of favorites, I was still very glad to have bought it, because it was worth the money in my opinion.

Thoughts )

In the end, while I don't think this series would be for everyone, it's a pretty enjoyable watch and I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.
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So, I finished watching Macross Frontier a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty good - decent enough plot, and lots of mecha fighting mixed with song and stage performance. Unfortunately, my set of subs would replace what characters were saying with the translation of the singing in the background in some places, which was kind of irritating. But it still really got you pumped when you were watching the combination of a huge battle with lots of explosions and the performance of a good song.

One of the things I'd heard about this series before watching it was that it had a love triangle (one guy, two girls) which never got any kind of resolution by the end, so I guess you were supposed to just imagine the ending with whichever pairing you preferred. I read into it a bit more, and found that there was supposed to be a resolution, but it was kiboshed at the last minute so that they could squeeze that much more money from viewers in the movie remakes by billing them as "resolving the love triangle". I haven't watched the movies, but I do know which girl "wins" based on triumphant shippers gloating over it, and... well. Let's just say I wasn't surprised, because the series might as well have had a resolution in my opinion. The other half of the triangle just felt completely one-sided.

Spoilerific stuff under cut )

Anyway, the series is really good, and I think most people would probably enjoy it, because the music and the action are pretty awesome.

I'm now about 10 episodes into an anime series called Fantastic Children, which I originally thought was a fantasy-adventure story aimed at kids. Upon watching more than the first couple of episodes, I have come to the realization that this... is most definitely not a kids' show at all. It's pretty good so far, though.
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So, I finished watching No. 6 just now - watched the last two episodes while doing my workout today. It was pretty good! Considering they only had 11 episodes to deliver a plot like that, the pacing actually really wasn't bad, and the character development was decent all around.

One small nig: Shion's transition in the last two episodes felt a little forced. It wasn't terrible, but I felt they could've done with another episode to ease into it. Doing that might've slowed down the action, though, so there was probably a trade-off somewhere.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. It was subtle in all the right ways, and there was always enough going on to keep my interest engaged. The hinted-at romantic triangle between Nezumi, Shion, and Safu was lovely, and never threatened to overwhelm the plot. The ending was a little abrupt, and could've been stretched out a bit more, but I still felt satisfied with it when it was over.

Honestly, I would have liked to have seen No. 6 as a 24-episode series just to develop the setting and the characters more, and to watch the way they interacted. It did well with the time it had, but I feel like there could've been so much more.
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So, I'm watching the new Hunter X Hunter anime, which is a redo of the original anime with spiffy new animation and colors and stuff. It also follows the manga more closely. Which means episodes 1-8 from the old series are now 1-4 in the new series. Lots of filler was cut. The new voice actors for the four main characters sound somewhat like the old voice actors, but you can tell the differences.

I stopped following the manga ages ago, because (in my opinion) it started to meander and just got annoying to read. I wonder if the new anime will animate some of the stuff the old one didn't cover. I'm not too keen on the chimera ants arc, which I thought was a huge waste of time. It went on forever, and it felt like the mangaka was just stalling because he couldn't think of how to properly continue any of his original storylines. Even now that it's over, from what I've heard they're just starting another new story that has nothing to do with anything, and introducing a whole lot of new characters.

Meh. Bring back Leorio and Kurapika, and then maybe I'll bother to give it another try.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 10:42 pm
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I am currently five episodes into an anime series called No.6. I was going to wait until the series had finished airing and I'd seen all of it before I posted about it, but I changed my mind after stumbling across this article.

I think this really hits on what I find so refreshing about this series, and why I think most of the people on my friends list would probably enjoy it. The series is classified as science fiction. Does it seem like it's leaning towards a relationship between its two (male) protagonists? Yes. But like the review I linked to says, this is a fairly mainstream sci-fi series that doesn't bill itself as shounen-ai. I think this is probably the first time I've seen an anime that seems likely to contain a m/m relationship but doesn't really define itself by that fact.

Regardless of whether it goes there in the end, I think this series will turn out to be a pretty good one. The BG music is good, the animation is good, the story is engaging. If it doesn't pull its punches regarding its main relationship, it could be something awesome.

For those interested, you can view the opening video of the No. 6 anime here.
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This is a random anime-viewing post, just for the hell of it.

Two more OVA episodes of Baccano to watch! I was pretty happy to find a DVD box set of the whole thing when I was at Otafest. I'm thinking I'll re-watch it in English - especially since I want to share it with a friend who has trouble reading fast enough to make subtitled anime enjoyable for her.

I'm about halfway through Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu right now. I have mixed feelings about that show, but want to see it through to the end. I'm not watching it that often at the moment, but I'll probably try to work it into my workout/viewing schedule at some point again.

When I was at Otafest, I bought a new series called Neo Angelique: Abyss, which is a reverse-harem set in a fantasy-style world. So far I've watched two episodes, and it seems like standard fair as far as reverse-harems go. It's nothing special at all, but it's not bad either, so I'll probably watch through all 12 episodes.

I've also decided to check out Durarara, so I read the 13 chapters of manga that are out. It's... a very strange series. I am currently in the process of watching the anime (one episode in). Kind of hoping it'll be as fucked up as the manga is in places, but I think they'll tone it down a bit for TV.

At some point in the last month, I watched an episode of Black Cat. Still kind of on the fence about that one, but it did look neat for a slightly older series.

I started watching Eureka 7, but only got three or four episodes in and I'm finding it kind of boring. For anyone who's seen the series, does it get any more interesting? Do the characters become less boring? Right now I'm on the verge of dropping it.

However, I am thinking of picking up Pandora Hearts again, which I had originally dropped after three episodes. I think I will give it another try. Apparently the manga is ongoing, so the anime probably diverts from it somewhere. Not really sure, though. I might try out the manga and see.

I need to finish Mouryou no Hako as well... I've probably forgotten what was even going on in that one by now. But it's too slow-paced to watch while working out, which is about the only time I watch anime any more unless Cody is watching with me. And he has zero interest in this one, so... yeah. It's been slow going.

This weekend at some point, I will probably be watching the Summer Wars movie, which is like the expanded and refined version of the second Digimon movie, Our War Game. I'm pretty psyched for that!

To go a bit off-topic... While I was out of town, I purchased a game called Trails in the Sky for the PSP. The main reason I bought it is because it is an anime-ish RPG with a female protagonist who plays as a melee. The story looked good and all, but yeah. You don't see main female melee characters that often in RPGs. I am currently addicted to this game. The story is good, the characters are fun, and I like the style of gameplay (turn-based fighting tends to be my favorite).

I especially like the feature it has where if you die in a boss battle and get a game over, it gives you the option to retry the fight instead of having to restart at your last save point (you can save anywhere outside of cut scenes and battles, which is also convenient). The best part of this feature is that it has an option that can be configured in the settings to make the fight a little bit easier each time you retry it.

For a lazy gamer like me who doesn't like grinding my characters, this option is brilliant. The fights aren't ridiculously difficult, though, so I've only had to use it three times so far. But the fact that it is there makes me feel a lot more confidant.
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So, yesterday evening I finished watching Mahou Shoujo (or Puella Magi, as some prefer) Madoka Magica. This was recommended to me by [livejournal.com profile] herongale, so I was fairly confidant that it would be good. It's also a magical girl anime and in some ways is typical of the genre, but it contains numerous elements that I have never seen in any magical girl series anywhere.

What wish would you make in exchange for your soul? (spoilers) )

I'd recommend this series to most people. The opening video can be found here, although it is not really representative of what the series is actually like. This scene that is shown at the beginning of the series is probably better. And just as a bonus, here are some magical girl transformation sequences.

I would also like to note that the BG music is done by Yuki Kajiura, and is therefore made of awesome.
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So, apparently Touya Akira (Hikaru no Go) and Okuzaki Akira (Mai-HiME) are voiced by the same person.

Not that there are any other similarities in the character designs or anything.



Mar. 8th, 2011 11:11 am
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So Cody and I finally finished off Mai-HiME (My-HiME?) last night. It was a pretty neat series. The animation and the fight scenes were really awesome, and the music was absolutely gorgeous (well, it's Kajiura Yuki, how can it not be?).

Thoughts )

Overall, I think I would recommend this series to most people. Even if you're not into anime with "fighting and fanservice", I'd advise you to stick it out through the somewhat mediocre first half, because there is a pretty decent payoff in the second half.

Opening video: LINK (this OP sequence is currently one of my top 10 favorites)
BG music example: Mezame (because it's just that good)

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