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Snagged from [ profile] pichi

Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

Guh. I dunno if these are the actual FAVORITES. These happen to be the ones I'm particularly fond of at the moment. This could potentially change tomorrow. Oh well... here, in no particular order:

1. Ken x Daisuke - Digimon (okay, this one really is probably always going to be on the list)
2. Syaoran x Sakura - Card Captor Sakura
3. Yamato x Taichi - Digimon
4. Koushiro x Mimi - Digimon
5. Akira x Hikaru - Hikaru no Go
6. Simon x Nia - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
7. Takeru x Hikari - Digimon
8. Sinbad x Jeanne - Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
9. Kaoru x Luna - Mujin Wakusei Survive
10. Durnik x Polgara - Belgariad series by David Eddings

Guess which anime I've been into lately. Go on - guess.

Y'know, there are seven het pairings on there, but only three yaoi. Blasphemy or some such. I guess my tastes have changed a little. Not completely, but yeah, a little.
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I'm basically only making a second post today because I've decided I'm going to work on my Philosophy paper in my free time at work and now I want to procrastinate. Whee...

I finished some new (to me) titles by David Eddings a while back, but never bothered to say anything about them because it never occurred to me until now (when I'm looking for stuff to keep me from doing actual work - go figure).

Random book stuff (minor spoilers) )
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Hey! Well, work wasn't too bad last night, so all is well. I don't have to work today! Yay! I'm happy now!


I watched episode 20 of X. My opinion: oh my god... that was so sweet! I absolutely loved when Sorata summoned up that spirit... oh yeah. That was cool. And the history on Arashi... wow... I never realized she'd grown up in the street. The whole thing between them was absolutely adorable. Especially at the end... but then she leaves... wah! I know what's coming up, but I want to pretend that they'll actually have a chance to be together. Even though I know they don't... awwwwww... The episode gets two thumbs up for its cuteness and coolness and just general me-likes-ness!

Random junk: I was actually bored for a while at work, and a thought came to me. Most of the anime pairings I like, I realized, can be classified into basic pairing stereotypes from the Belgariad/Mallorean series. Obviously not perfectly, but the basic idea is there. Here are the pairing types of the book series, by David Eddings.

#1: Garion and Ce'Nedra - "We didn't get along at first, but I was madly attracted to you and tried not to admit it."

#2: Durnik and Polgara - "I love you to the point of adoration, but you wouldn't admit you returned it until you almost lost me."

#3: Silk and Velvet - "I didn't take you seriously at first, but somehow I fell in love with you anyway."

#4: Belgarath and Poledra - "We started out as companions, but being together gave us a familiarity that makes me love you deeply."

#5: Zakath and Cyradis - "I didn't take much pleasure in life, but for some reason being with you makes me very happy."

#6: Relg and Taiba - "I'm forbidden to be with you and the fact that I love you scares me, but I can't bear to be apart from you."

#7: Lelldorin and Ariana - "We fell in love quickly and deeply, and devoted ourselves to each other almost completely."

#8: Hettar and Adara - "I didn't know you loved me, but when I found out, I realized I love you too."

#9: Mandorallen and Nerina - "We couldn't be together, but we were deeply in love. The fact of our love is a tragedy."

#10: Riva and Beldaran - "It was destiny."

Okay, now that those are set on the table, here are my favorite anime pairings, all neatly categorized. NOTE: this is not saying that these pairings are like the ones in the book. If you look into David Eddings expecting to see an exact replica of your pairing, you will be disappointed. The pairings are like the little statements I put above. Okay? Good. Here we go.

Type 1

Taichi/Yamato (Digimon)

Daisuke/Ken (Digimon)

Shigeru/Satoshi (Pokemon)

Duo/Heero (Gundam Wing)

Tsuzuki/Hisoka (Yami no Matsuei)

Type 2

Sorata/Arashi (X TV)

Type 3

Yuki/Shuichi (Gravitation)

Ojirou/Misaki (Angelic Layer)

Type 4

Treize/Zechs (Gundam Wing)

Touya/Yukito (Card Captor Sakura)

Ken/Omi (Weiss Kreuz)

Type 5

Trowa/Quatre (Gundam Wing)

Subaru/Kamui (X TV)

Nagi/Tot (Weiss Kreuz)

Type 6

(none - but I'm sure they're out there somewhere)

Type 7

Tatsuha/Ryuichi (Gravitation) *just a guess*

Type 8

Shaoran/Sakura (Card Captor Sakura)

Kotarou/Tamayo (Angelic Layer)

Type 9

Kusanagi/Yuzuriha (X TV)

Type 10

Takeru/Hikari (Digimon)

Heh. I'm not sure how accurate those are. I mean, Trowa and Quatre aren't exactly like Nagi and Tot, right? And Yuki and Shuichi are definitely not like Ojirou and Misaki. (then again, Yuki and Shuichi aren't much like any couple) But it was fun, and it made work less boring.

Hey, if anyone can think of any others, just comment and let me know. I could've forgotten a few, I'm sure. Especially if you've got some for type 6. Since we seem to be lacking in the forbidden love area.

Hehe... oh well.

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