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I was honestly a little disappointed with the first volume of the new ATLA comic, particularly the revelation at the end (it feels like it weakens some of Zuko's conflict from the series - if it turns out to be true, that is). And Azula's inclusion feels inconsequential and shallow somehow. She's definitely not as good a villain at this point, given her mental state.

To be frank, I found The Promise to be kind of mediocore as well. I'll continue buying the comics (out of curiosity, if nothing else), but I don't really expect much any more.

More ATLA!

Feb. 8th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Apparently, there will be ATLA graphic novels!

Yeah, I'll be buying these as soon as I possibly can.
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This is hilarious.

And better than the Last Airbender movie. I was more entertained watching these guys, anyway. I liked how they interpreted that Earthbender move-one-rock dance (that seriously has become my favorite lolworthy moment of the movie).
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So, anyone really wishing they could see the Last Airbender movie just for the lolz but not wanting to sit through the whole thing and have to pay for it?

Check out some of the worst best scenes here.

My favorite is the multi-person Earthbending dance routine to move one teeny little rock. Although Katara pushing the Firebender and then immediately looking away from him like "naw, no way you'd retaliate or anything..." is pretty good too.
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So I saw the Last Airbender movie last night.


Yeah. It sucked just as much as everyone said it did. Possibly more. I can't get over the level of suckage of this movie. If I wasn't already a fan of the series, I still would've thought the movie was bad. As a fan of the series, though, it's worse than bad - it's hideous.

I don't even have words for just HOW bad this movie was.

Oh, wait - yes, I do )

I hope to god the next two movies aren't made. I don't even want to contemplate what they might do to Toph, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee.
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On the controversial subject of the casting of the Last Airbender movie... [ profile] yukinoomoni made a good post on the subject here.

She links to an article that is amazingly well-written and which I think everyone should read. It presents a very compelling case for not seeing the movie. However, there are a lot of points brought up in the comments on [ profile] yukinoomoni's post that are fairly compelling as well. I think it's worth taking note of those.

I don't have a firm stance on this issue: I hate the racism in the casting and don't want to support it. However, I love ATLA and want to support it. And if the movie flops, you can be fairly sure it will hurt the potential further development of the animated series.

In the end, I'm going to see the movie, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't mainly because I really just want to see it. You can think whatever you like about me for making that decision.
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Okay. This TV spot makes me feel slightly better about the Last Airbender movie.

I still dislike Sokka's and Katara's actors and continue to be pessimistic about the movie's chances of success. I don't like the race-fail either. But the end scene of this trailer at least felt a little like the original show.

And Momo looks okay!
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I've decided that this video is probably my favorite Aang/Katara video on YouTube. It's a shame it's so short... but the second part is pretty fun, too.
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Why am I so amused by this? Someone please tell me.
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Fandoms I'm willing to write for:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Hunter X Hunter
Hikaru no Go
Uninhabited Planet Survive
... uh. Maybe some others. Ask and find out. Those ones for sure, though.

I also reserve the right to write the couple you picked in a platonic way if I REALLY don't like the pairing. 'Cause I'm totally unfair like that.
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New icons, woo! I made three this morning. All for ATLA, of course.

Also, there is now a third trailer for the Last Airbender movie, which is apparently now going to be released in 3D. Not sure if it'll save the movie from tanking (I kind of expect it to tank), but this trailer certainly makes it look cool. Lots of focus on the special effects in this one, as well as a couple of scenes from the series and our first glimpse of the Blue Spirit.

Check it out:


Apr. 7th, 2010 06:00 pm
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These are freakin' hilarious (spoilers for season 1 of Avatar):

Avatar Facebook Water Part 1
Avatar Facebook Water Part 2
Avatar Facebook Water Part 3

I really hope this person does end up making seasons 2 and 3 versions.
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I finally have a Zuko/Mai icon! Woo! And with a direct quote from the show. Heh. I love this couple, they're so awesome.

Today I was going through my pics and came across the ones of Toph when she's younger and thought 'these are so freaking cute! I should post about how cute they are.' Then I remembered that each of the main characters of Avatar had a flashback scene of some sort that showed them when they were young and really, really adorable. So... I put together a pic of all of them.

Aren't they so cuuuuuuute?

Edit: I realized after I made this post that it totally looks like little-Toph is trying to kiss little-Zuko and he's getting all omg-girls-are-icky about it. Haha! Totally unintentional on my part, but I find it funny all the same.

Mainly this past week and over the long weekend, I've been working on invitations (with frequent fanfic breaks). I'm a little over halfway done, and pretty much ready to mail the ones that need to be mailed. The rest are mostly going to people who know when the wedding is and are expecting invites, so things are pretty much under control at this point, I'm thinking.

I've hit a definite snag with the Avatar Big Bang fic... Not sure if I can still finish it. I hope so. Maybe I can do some work on it tomorrow. I'll give it a try anyway. It's hard with no feedback on the first parts. I don't know if I'm doing okay or not. Bleh. I wish I could just post it and see what everyone thinks so far.

Oh well.
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So, there are two new versions of the Last Airbender trailer out (note that they are the same as the first trailer but with new scenes added in):

Both of them have a tiny bit of the Katara and Zuko fight, which makes me happy! I have hope now that they're not damning Katara to token weepy love interest girl. I still have mixed feelings about this movie, but that makes me feel somewhat better. The second trailer also has some Zuko vs Aang action in it, too, which is kind of cool. I assume that's right at the beginning as it looks like they're on the ship. Almost looks like Aang's firebending. Hah!

I did a double take when Aang speaks at the end, because whoa... doesn't sound like him at all. Not that it really matters. I don't much care what he sounds like, as long as he smiles at least ONCE in the movie. Bonus points if he laughs and maybe the movie will even succeed if he's a complete dork like he is in season one.

I've also decided that I am utterly infatuated with Dev Patel as Zuko. It might almost make up for my disappointment in the Sokka actor. But I'm still reserving judgement until I see the movie.

Oh, there's also a Japanese trailer out for the movie, and I think it makes the movie look a lot cooler than the NA trailer does, even though I have no idea what they're saying:
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So, there's actually a full trailer for the Last Airbender movie now:

Sokka and Katara feel distinctly un-Sokka-and-Katara-like; not just because of their race but because of the way they act in the new trailer. Particularly Katara. Given that she's the only major female character in season one (which this movie is based on), I really really hope they're not planning to make her weepy and useless. Bleh.

Sokka is an insecure teenager who tends towards cynical and often gets the crap end of the stick for comedy relief purposes. Katara is a girl with talent in a society that has distinct gender roles, with a short temper and a competitive streak. I didn't get that from this trailer.

But again, this is more of a new interpretation of the Avatar story rather than a complete retelling, so I guess I'll just have to get over it. I'm still going to see the movie.

Dev Patel makes an adorable Zuko. Still haven't seen him do 'angry' yet. Maybe this Zuko won't be so angry? That would change his whole character.

I have no comment on Aang, because he hasn't said a damn thing in any trailer I've seen and he always looks serious. Really, same kid? His tattoos look cool, except for the completely unnecessary cross on his back. Why would the Air Nomads use a cross in their tattoos? The airbending looks pretty awesome, though. Actually, the effects in general look cool.

Storywise... In my opinion, for this to be even a marginally decent retelling, the following things need to happen in this movie:

* Basic introduction of full plot, including:
- history of the four nations
- introduction to bending
- who the Avatar is and what the heck he/she is supposed to do
- explanation of the war and why the Air Nomads were wiped out
- the fact that the Avatar's been missing for 100 years
- and was actually hanging out in a block of ice the whole damn time
- and has a Fire Nation prince obsessed with capturing him

* Aang and Zuko backstory parallels established

* Sozin's comet pointed out

* Aang and Katara learn waterbending

* The whole Yue-moon-spirit thing happens

* Iroh established as awesome (okay, I guess it's not NECESSARY, but...)

That is the BARE minimum, for story only. Lots of other stuff really should happen too, but I'm not going to expect a heck of a lot from this movie.
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Some nice person posted a link to Avatar: The Last Airbender Soundtrack Music in response to an inquiry on the LJ community. I am very happily listening to it now. The music in this series kicks so much ass.

If they came out with official soundtrack CDs for the series, I would buy them immediately. I don't think I'm alone there, either. I've already pre-ordered the artbook that's coming out in June, too.

A 30-second trailer for the Last Airbender movie, which is set to play in a commercial during the Superbowl, was released online recently.

I have mixed feelings about the movie. On one hand, I'd like to see this series get more well-deserved attention, and the movie may attract a few who wouldn't have looked twice at the cartoon. On the other... if it's not done right, it's not going to do the series any favors. The racial casting controversy is another factor. I want to support the series and the whole idea of making it into a movie, but I don't really want to support that.

But... based on the trailer, even though I'm not sure if it really has that 'Avatar' feel to it, it does kind of look like a neat movie. I might go see it and try to think 'based on Avatar' rather than 'the Avatar series on the big screen'. That way if it sucks, I won't be as let down.
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More digging through old Avatar discussion posts... I found a rant against Katara's character. Now, Katara isn't my favorite character, but she's at least as well-developed as any of the others, and she is actually pretty neat. The story went out of its way to provide her with the opportunity to learn healing specifically so that she could reject it and learn to fight instead. She may not exactly be a revolutionary female protagonist, but at least she has a believably flawed personality, a strong will, and a desire to fight and protect those she loves that is as strong as any male character's.

The person who posted the rant is one step above "KATARA SUCKS OMG" (and it's a very small step). The main point of the rant: Katara is a "poorly written, blob of cliche" while all the male characters are wonderfully developed. If the OP posted this without expecting any dissention, then I believe they are a moron. Personally, I think they were looking for wank. Several commenters agree with me.

In any case, the rant can be found here:

It quickly turns to wank, and was even featured on Fandom Wank, but there were some great comments coming from people responding to the rant that I wholly agree with and would like to quote here. They all make the same basic point, but I couldn't resist quoting all of them.

"This kind of rant is what irritates me. Not so much because I, personally, love Katara, but because this just shows that no matter how well written or how well rounded a female character is, they are always always heavily (and mostly unfairly) criticized."


"I get tired of reading posts like these-- I see them in every fandom, from Naruto to Gundam Wing. Usually comming from female fans who display this bizarre venom against the main female character. If the main female is smart or capable or strong, she's a Mary Sue. If she's got character flaws or actually acts her age sometimes, she's stupid or insane."


"I hate seeing this kind of rant on fandom communities - where female characters are mercilessly bashed for traits that a male character would be considered as having a lot of character depth."


This isn't exactly new or anything (female fans have been bashing female characters since fandom existed), but I felt like it was a good opportunity to post something about it.

I've noticed it in shipping more than anything. To use an Avatar example: the majority of Zuko/Katara fans hate Mai (Zuko's canon love interest) with a freakin' unholy passion. And why, you ask? Because she loves Zuko. Holy hot damn, if that's a crime, you're ALL guilty, bitches!

I've also noticed that, although there is some hatred of Aang (Katara's canon love interest), he's typically treated with more respect. Is it because there's Toph available to shove him off on while Mai has no one (at least not for strictly het shippers)? Possible, but I think it's more related to this tendency of females to hate hate HATE the woman who "steals" the man away from her. It's kind of sad.
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Someone has GOT to know where this comic disappeared to. Seriously. I *have* to read this. I am just so masochistic that I have to somehow track this down and read through the whole damn thing.

Even if I liked any of these pairings in this comic, I would still be in awe of the epic fail that this appears to be. Go ahead: click the link and read the summary. Even if you haven't seen Avatar, just do it. Then, if you have a moment, scan through the tropes. And try to tell me - with a straight face - that you think that this would somehow make a good story.

The picture of Toph in the title image makes me want to weep for her character. Compare that image to these and you can probably tell why. I don't mind the Toph/Aang pairing, but it's only really interesting if Toph is at least marginally in character. It doesn't look like this person even tried.

I don't know that I even need to talk about the anti-feminist stereotypes here. Really. Avatar is a great series for strong, independent female characters. This comic appears to be attempting to dismantle that as much as it possibly can.

Suki should be glad she was shipped off on a bus for this one. At least her dignity's still intact.
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I watched the Avatar episode 'The Firebending Masters' again today. Dragons are so awesome. And I can't get enough of Zuko and Aang doing the dance.

Man, dragons are cool. Zuko and Aang and the manly dance of the dragons!

Here, have a video:

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