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So, a few days ago, I finished watching all four episodes of Tales of Phantasia.

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This is just a random thought... not sure if it would ever work...

I was looking at the Tales of Phantasia and Tales of the World manga that are new and in the process of being scanlated. A complete tankoban of each has already been released (found them on Amazon Japan), but only two chapters of each have been translated. This is because the only group translating them seems to be a little swamped. Obviously no other group seems to have an interest in either manga, which I think is a shame because I'd really like to see the whole story of ToP in manga form and the TotW manga is absolutely adorable. I'd buy the tankobans myself, but I can't read Japanese (beyond the very basics) so this would be pointless. I'd LOVE to buy English versions, but none such exist (and no Tales manga has ever been licensed).

I would be more than willing to buy the manga (or even subscribe to Tales of Magazine to get monthly chapters if I could figure out how), scan it myself, and provide scanlations, but I can't. My cleaning skills suck. I cannot translate Japanese to English. I might be able to talk Cody into cleaning the scans for me (he's done it before for a scanlation group), but he can barely read enough Japanese to understand what's going on and that's not enough for translations.

I have a website and adequate space to host these files, although it'd have to be recent chapters only. Sites like MangaFox and OneManga generally collect whole series for viewing and I'd keep the files on my computer so people could request them, though. I'd love to start something like this. I think it'd be a lot of fun, despite also being a lot of work.

So, here is my question: does anyone reading this know of anyone who could translate from Japanese to English and would be willing to take on this project?

I doubt I'm going to get anything because translators tend to be scarce, but hell, it's worth a try.
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I have nothing really to say about the Evangelion movie. It was okay. I'll probably go see the next one if it comes to theaters over here. If it doesn't, I'm sure Cody will download it and I'll see it anyway. I still have no interest in seeing the series, but I'm curious to see if the movies will change much about the story.

I have been playing a game on my PSP called Tales of the World. It's very good. It has a character creation system, so you can decide if your character is male or female and choose from a few options to determine what he/she looks like. It has characters from other Tales series, so my interest was piqued. I've already watched Cody play through some of Tales of the Abyss, and we've seen half of the anime. We also just bought Tales of Vesperia and played through the beginning - it seems kind of neat so far. I've never seen or played any of the others. I figured I'd download the anime adaptions that were made for some of the other games (Tales of Phantasia, Eternia, and Symphonia). So far, I've watched an episode of Phantasia and an episode of Eternia.

The Eternia anime seems boring so far and I hate the female protagonist. She's a bully and she gets angry over the stupidest little things. Her relationship with the main character is that girl-beats-on-the-guy-and-it-is-supposed-to-be-funny thing. I really find this irritating if the guy is actually way stronger than the girl and thus makes no attempt to really defend himself (which appears to be the case in this adaption). It's too bad because I really like Reid (the main protagonist) in Tales of the World; he's very friendly and is probably the only Tales character who never refuses an invitation to join your party. I wouldn't mind reading the manga for this one because the girl is more in-character (ie: less of a bitch) according to the game and it follows the main storyline instead of being a pointless side story, but it's only half scanlated and looks like it hasn't been updated in a while. Unfortunately, none of the Tales manga is available to buy in English.

The Phantasia anime is really neat - I read up on the story before watching it because I'd heard that it's hard to understand without some background knowledge of the game. The plot is really very good. I found the side characters - Arche and Klaus in particular, but Chester as well (mainly because of how he is in Tales of the World, since he wasn't in the first episode for long) - really interesting. Their dialogue is lively and engaging. The main characters, Cress and Mint, are kind of boring, but that's okay. The series appears to be crammed into far too little time - it begins partway through the game's storyline and leaves certain parts out in order to hurry through a fairly involved plot. The animation is very nice and the battle scenes are well done. I really wish they'd expanded this one into a 26 episode series, like Abyss. Even a 13 episode series like Eternia (which I really didn't think deserved it) would've been better. As it is, we have four OVA episodes, and I guess that'll have to do. After watching the first episode, I decided to buy the DVD on Amazon (this is the only Tales anime that was given an official English release). There's apparently a manga that has just started being published in Japan and seems intent on following the story from beginning to end without rushing, but only one chapter has been scanlated and releases are either extremely slow or completely stalled.

A side note about Phantasia: I've been leveling Chester (an archer) and Arche (a mage) to be steady members of my party in Tales of the World, and was kind of surprised to find that they came from the same Tales series. More than that, I was surprised to find out that there's a romance implied between them. They got one of those 'I hate you - no, wait, I love you' things going on, apparently, and I've heard that it works quite well. I like the idea. I'll be very interested to watch the rest of the series and see how it develops.

I watched the Phantasia episode with Cody (he's already seen the Eternia anime), and he wasn't as interested as I was. He does want to watch the Symphonia anime with me, despite the fact that I've heard it's not finished. I think there's another arc coming out in 2010 Spring - at least, that's what I've seen online. The nice thing about that one is that the manga is fully scanlated, so reaching a cliffhanger in the anime is okay. I can just follow the storyline in the manga to see what happens next. I've already read a lot of the major plot points online too (I love spoilers).

Incidentally, I'm looking for either Symphonia (GameCube) or Phantasia (Gameboy Advance) to play. After I finish Tales of the World, of course.

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