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So, yesterday evening I finished watching Mahou Shoujo (or Puella Magi, as some prefer) Madoka Magica. This was recommended to me by [ profile] herongale, so I was fairly confidant that it would be good. It's also a magical girl anime and in some ways is typical of the genre, but it contains numerous elements that I have never seen in any magical girl series anywhere.

What wish would you make in exchange for your soul? (spoilers) )

I'd recommend this series to most people. The opening video can be found here, although it is not really representative of what the series is actually like. This scene that is shown at the beginning of the series is probably better. And just as a bonus, here are some magical girl transformation sequences.

I would also like to note that the BG music is done by Yuki Kajiura, and is therefore made of awesome.
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I finished watching Baccano just recently. It was pretty good, once I got used to the way it jumps around in the three different timelines. At first I was thinking that it might have spoiled things a bit to know that certain people lived through the events in the first two timelines, but then I got caught up in it and was just waiting to find out how it all happened. It was a really fun series. I liked the train arc the best - Jaccuzi was a surprisingly engaging character when he wasn't crying all the time. And Rail Tracer was quite the egomaniac! I couldn't tell who was more of an asshole, him or Ladd. I lean towards Ladd, but only because I wasn't very fond of his character and ended up kind of liking Rail Tracer. Isaac and Miria were highly amusing at all times.

I'll be watching the OVA episodes shortly. I might even watch one tonight when I work out.

I've also started watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, recommended by [ profile] herongale. I'm five episodes in so far, and it's very good. The opening video does not match the show at all! But that's okay. It's kind of a strange take on the magical girl genre, and pretty dark in places. The music is gorgeous (it's Kajiura Yuki, after all) and the animation is very pretty. I'm thinking I'll probably finish it off before leaving for Otafest.

Book-wise... I'm starting on the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling. It seems pretty decent so far, although I'm only a little under two chapters in. We'll see how it goes. Her other series looks interesting, too - if I end up liking Nightrunner, I'll be tackling that one next.

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