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I don't update very often any more, do I? Well... work and cosplay preparation are sucking up a lot of my time, but I've also been working on another fanfic. Yes, for Mai-HiME. And I have more fanfic ideas too! What the hell? When I was starting this series, I'd have never predicted that I would write fanfic for it. I love this one pairing a little too much, I'm thinking.

Oh, and for those who are wondering what the heck is this series that is consuming all of my attention, here are some pretty cool music videos (Note: unless you LOVE spoilers, I don't recommend watching them if you believe that you may one day watch this series).

Blow them away
Mortal Kombat (I will never not love this song)
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So, apparently Touya Akira (Hikaru no Go) and Okuzaki Akira (Mai-HiME) are voiced by the same person.

Not that there are any other similarities in the character designs or anything.



Mar. 8th, 2011 11:11 am
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So Cody and I finally finished off Mai-HiME (My-HiME?) last night. It was a pretty neat series. The animation and the fight scenes were really awesome, and the music was absolutely gorgeous (well, it's Kajiura Yuki, how can it not be?).

Thoughts )

Overall, I think I would recommend this series to most people. Even if you're not into anime with "fighting and fanservice", I'd advise you to stick it out through the somewhat mediocre first half, because there is a pretty decent payoff in the second half.

Opening video: LINK (this OP sequence is currently one of my top 10 favorites)
BG music example: Mezame (because it's just that good)

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