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I saw this on Facebook recent - a graphic with only the above question on it. 'Like' for yes, 'Comment' for no.

I'm too chickenshit to response directly to the friend who posted it (he's someone I work with who I do not know very well), so I will do so here.

Short answer: no. I cannot believe this question is even being asked any more. Not because I hate Christianity, or hate Christians. Religion is important to them, and I can respect that. However, this is a problematic request for a few reasons.

Canada is a multi-cultural country. This means that we have people of various races, with various beliefs, living as citizens here and raising their children. Many of them are not Christian, and will raise their children under a different religion (or under no religion). Having a Christian prayer in school will give those children the impression that 'this is the NORMAL religion and mine is weird or different'. Also, I am certain that the families in question consider their religion as important as Christians consider theirs. Privileging one over the other as if to say 'this one is BETTER' is not right (at the very least, we shouldn't put this attitude in the heads of impressionable children).

For the record, stating that 'well, it's OUR country, not theirs, they should adapt to our culture or GTFO' is so wrong that I don't even want to address it. However, even if it were true, the Christian religion is not a part of the Canadian culture.

I know that Christianity is the majority religion and that it's become sort of second nature for many Christians to normalize it as a part of (everyone's) every day life. But religion really isn't something that should be broadcast far and wide in everyone's faces as if we all were a part of it (or should be a part of it). The forced normalization of the Christian religion - it being in your face whether you like it or not, being pushed as something we all need to adopt - is the reason why there is why so many people have such a negative attitude towards the religion in general (well, that and the prejudices). It comes across as smugly self-righteous and rigidly controlling.

In reality, religion is a personal thing, and each person has the right to his/her own belief system. It's fine to be open about it, but to push it onto others as the 'normal' or 'right' thing is obnoxious.

So... yeah, no thanks. Keep it out of the public school system, okay?
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So, I support gay marriage, want a cure for cancer, believe that child/animal/domestic abuse needs to be wiped out, and I love my mother/grandmother/siblings/friends/*insert important type of person*.

However! I can do this without clicking 'like' on a picture someone posted on Facebook! Or reposting it! Or... whatever else is related to it!

I mean, it's cool that people want to post images supporting their favorite causes, or proclaiming how much they love the important people in their lives. I seriously don't mind this, sometimes I even smile when I see it and think 'aw, that's sweet' before browsing on. Because everyone's different, and just because I don't like to post that stuff doesn't mean that no one should.

What I find irritating is when the picture or the description of the picture says something along the lines of "Like & share this if you love your grandmother! Keep scrolling if you hate her and wish she dies and are a terrible person, blah blah blah, whatever".

This is obnoxious, because - well, duh, I love my grandmother! Most people freakin' do! I mean, there will be some who don't, but we're talking about something that is going to apply to a vast majority of people. The clumsy attention pandering and obvious mentality of "I want my picture to get spread across the internet so I'm going to try and make it so that people feel guilty for not sharing it" really get on my nerves.

Me scrolling past your picture doesn't mean I hate my grandmother, or don't want a cure for cancer, or think animal abuse is okay, or whatever else you want to put on there to try and force others to share. It means I don't like sharing every random ass thing that pops up in my notifications.

So... stop it. Seriously. Don't share this crap. Let it die out quietly, and hope that it helps to discourage at least one attention whore from this guilt-tripping BS.

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Nov. 17th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Okay. Consider I don't live in the States, sharing this is probably the only thing I can do - although I'm not sure how many people actually don't know about it yet.

This is massively disturbing to me on any number of levels. Worst case scenario, this is looking like the road to mass censorship. I may be overreacting, but... whoa. If I'm not, this is freaky.

Think about how many things on the Internet there are that reference some form of entertainment. It's... basically everything I enjoy doing on the 'net at all.

This is backwards thinking regardless of how you look at it.
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Despite all my contempt for Twilight, I will admit that there is one very important reason that the fourth book needs to be made into a movie, and this reviewer expresses it brilliantly.

Other bad movies will be compared to this one for decades. I'm sure of it.
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So if anyone was wondering whether or not LJ had decided to stop being sneaky and making dumb mistakes, you can stop wondering now.


Apr. 16th, 2010 07:37 am
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Can we all spot the stupid in this argument?

Being voiced by white voice actors =/= being played by white actors in live action.

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More digging through old Avatar discussion posts... I found a rant against Katara's character. Now, Katara isn't my favorite character, but she's at least as well-developed as any of the others, and she is actually pretty neat. The story went out of its way to provide her with the opportunity to learn healing specifically so that she could reject it and learn to fight instead. She may not exactly be a revolutionary female protagonist, but at least she has a believably flawed personality, a strong will, and a desire to fight and protect those she loves that is as strong as any male character's.

The person who posted the rant is one step above "KATARA SUCKS OMG" (and it's a very small step). The main point of the rant: Katara is a "poorly written, blob of cliche" while all the male characters are wonderfully developed. If the OP posted this without expecting any dissention, then I believe they are a moron. Personally, I think they were looking for wank. Several commenters agree with me.

In any case, the rant can be found here:

It quickly turns to wank, and was even featured on Fandom Wank, but there were some great comments coming from people responding to the rant that I wholly agree with and would like to quote here. They all make the same basic point, but I couldn't resist quoting all of them.

"This kind of rant is what irritates me. Not so much because I, personally, love Katara, but because this just shows that no matter how well written or how well rounded a female character is, they are always always heavily (and mostly unfairly) criticized."


"I get tired of reading posts like these-- I see them in every fandom, from Naruto to Gundam Wing. Usually comming from female fans who display this bizarre venom against the main female character. If the main female is smart or capable or strong, she's a Mary Sue. If she's got character flaws or actually acts her age sometimes, she's stupid or insane."


"I hate seeing this kind of rant on fandom communities - where female characters are mercilessly bashed for traits that a male character would be considered as having a lot of character depth."


This isn't exactly new or anything (female fans have been bashing female characters since fandom existed), but I felt like it was a good opportunity to post something about it.

I've noticed it in shipping more than anything. To use an Avatar example: the majority of Zuko/Katara fans hate Mai (Zuko's canon love interest) with a freakin' unholy passion. And why, you ask? Because she loves Zuko. Holy hot damn, if that's a crime, you're ALL guilty, bitches!

I've also noticed that, although there is some hatred of Aang (Katara's canon love interest), he's typically treated with more respect. Is it because there's Toph available to shove him off on while Mai has no one (at least not for strictly het shippers)? Possible, but I think it's more related to this tendency of females to hate hate HATE the woman who "steals" the man away from her. It's kind of sad.
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Someone has GOT to know where this comic disappeared to. Seriously. I *have* to read this. I am just so masochistic that I have to somehow track this down and read through the whole damn thing.

Even if I liked any of these pairings in this comic, I would still be in awe of the epic fail that this appears to be. Go ahead: click the link and read the summary. Even if you haven't seen Avatar, just do it. Then, if you have a moment, scan through the tropes. And try to tell me - with a straight face - that you think that this would somehow make a good story.

The picture of Toph in the title image makes me want to weep for her character. Compare that image to these and you can probably tell why. I don't mind the Toph/Aang pairing, but it's only really interesting if Toph is at least marginally in character. It doesn't look like this person even tried.

I don't know that I even need to talk about the anti-feminist stereotypes here. Really. Avatar is a great series for strong, independent female characters. This comic appears to be attempting to dismantle that as much as it possibly can.

Suki should be glad she was shipped off on a bus for this one. At least her dignity's still intact.
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I am honestly baffled by the Internet sometimes. Someone makes a post in the Digimon community asking what people like about Ken's character. Why does this turn into wank?

Well, apparently the original poster is an otakukin (if you don't know what this is, I'll leave it to you to look it up). This IN NO WAY came up in the original post, but god knows how many people jumped all over her for it because... um... because she made a completely unrelated post with an on-topic discussion question?

Seriously, people, what the hell? Yeah, the whole idea of 'otakukin' is completely batshit crazy, but she DIDN'T MENTION IT. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

The whole thing even managed to make Fandom Wank, where the majority of posters there seem to think it's grudge wank. I'm inclined to agree.
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Good old fashioned attention-whoring wank - gotta love it.

I think most writers (myself included) have been disappointed at some point or another about the lack of (meaningful) comments on this fic or that. It kind of comes with the territory. If you're posting it online, you're looking for people to read and enjoy it, and you only know people are reading and enjoying it if you get comments. There can never be enough. So yeah, in a way, I sympathize, and won't make the '40 comments is a lot, so why isn't she grateful?' comment. I kind of get it. Kind of.

Deleting the journal and throwing the big drama fit is like a huge 'fuck you' to everyone who's ever read, enjoyed, or commented on her fics. 'Thanks, fans, for enjoying my work - now go fuck yourselves.'

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I followed a link provided by [ profile] nighteevee to a very long fandom history of someone called MsScribe. She was a well-known person in the Harry Potter fandom... I knew absolutely nothing about that fandom going into this, but really, you didn't have to. If you know the basics of any fandom, this is definitely an interesting read. It amazes me the lengths people will go to for attention - any kind of attention.

Anyway, if you find this sort of fandom drama interesting, the page is here.

In other news, Cody is playing through Tales of the Abyss from the beginning again, and I'm going to read the strategy guide and help him along. We're going to see if we can beat the anime to the end!

We'll see how that goes.
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This response to a whiny post about how "no one will play with me on XBox Live is made of win.

It applies to life, too. Don't act like you own people's time. They will start to dislike you.


May. 29th, 2007 04:32 pm
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On recent LJ events...


Edit: More

Apparently it's not only fandom journals that are being targeted here. Journals designed as help and support for survivors of child abuse were also deleted with no warning, and for no good reason. Thus far, no one is admitting to the error. LJ blames these "Warriors of Innocense" and they blame LJ.

I'd say they're all idiots. Even all the "Warriors of Innocense" did was complain that LJ was hosting 'content containing pedoplia and incest' on their site, all you've done by stirring up this fuss is alert the real predators and make it harder for more intelligent and better organized groups to catch them. Even if all LJ did was delete the journals that the "Warriors of Innocense" pointed out, they didn't bother to check and see exactly what was on those journals, and that's ridiculous.

It reminds me of the big mess years ago, only worse. A huge portion of the journals deleted were completely innocent. Lolita fashion communities? RPG villain journals? Support groups for survivors?

That blows me away. And the worst part is that LJ is not willing to admit that they've made a mistake in deleting the journals. How can you justify that? Seriously.

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