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So, the wedding went off without a hitch - it was freakin' fantastic! I'll have more details later, as we're currently IN HAWAII!!!!

The weather is gorgeous here... Can't wait to hit the beach!
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The weather is gorgeous today. I am feeling great. Everyone around me is in a good mood.

I will be getting married this afternoon!
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Today is my last day of work before the wedding! Cody and I got the music all wrapped up and ready to go last night, and despite the last minute cancellations and additions, I think we're pretty final in terms of a wedding guest list.

The list of remaining tasks:

- Get hair trimmed (right after work today)
- Pack for honeymoon (tonight)
- Set up and decorate reception site (will begin tomorrow when rental items are delivered)
- Manicure - me / Pedicures - bridesmaids (Friday noon)
- Set up and decorate ceremony site (will begin Friday when rental items are delivered)

Other than that, it's all rehearsal and wedding day stuff. Woo!
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My wedding is this Saturday.


My wedding. This Saturday.

Less than a week.



Feb. 27th, 2010 11:20 pm
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The dress fits me! Perfectly, in fact. I didn't have to get any alterations in size. Just hem, and a couple of cosmetic stuff I wanted - then I go back down on April 24th to make sure everything is done right and to take it home.

Thank god... That is a huge weight off my mind. And it looks even better than I remember - I'm excited! Less than five months to go.

Now hopefully I can concentrate more on the [ profile] avatarbigbang fic. It is underway. I'm pretty psyched. Hope it turns out well!
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Well, I am back from Anime Evolution!

I bought a few neat things, and had a lot of fun. Tons of people wanted pictures of our group. We'd pose for one request and then like 5 or 6 people would gather around and also get shots of us while we were at it. Our cosplay skit won the Best of Show award, even! We had a great time putting it together.

Also... Cody had a big surprise for me after the skit... Just watch it. (Sorry, you have to watch through our skit to get to it, but it's worth it! It was absolutely awesome, and made me cry!)

Yeah. Anyway. I'm... totally getting married! WOOT! We're thinking June or July next year, but haven't picked out an exact date yet. We've already started working on a guest list, though.

Pictures from the convention will be up soon, hopefully!

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