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I don't think I've mentioned yet that Cody and I went to see the last Harry Potter movie a couple of weeks ago. It was really good - much better than the other movies in the series. I felt like the pacing was handled a lot better (although this may not be saying much, as I have always felt that the pacing in the HP movies was handled poorly). Cody said that he had a lot less trouble following what was going on, and only had a few questions for me after it was over.

My impressions? Well, it did rekindle my interest in the series as a whole, which is good. There were a couple of scenes where I would've preferred if they'd left it the way it was in the book, but other scenes where I liked the way they changed it for the movie.

Overall, I have the same feeling I did when I finished the book: I would really, really like to see some talented writer (doesn't have to be JKR) do the whole thing from Neville's perspective. I think I would get more into a series like that. Harry was okay and all, but... yeah.

Side note: while at Cos & Effect, I managed to pick up the 'Neville would have done it in 4 books' T-shirt. Heh.
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I followed a link provided by [ profile] nighteevee to a very long fandom history of someone called MsScribe. She was a well-known person in the Harry Potter fandom... I knew absolutely nothing about that fandom going into this, but really, you didn't have to. If you know the basics of any fandom, this is definitely an interesting read. It amazes me the lengths people will go to for attention - any kind of attention.

Anyway, if you find this sort of fandom drama interesting, the page is here.

In other news, Cody is playing through Tales of the Abyss from the beginning again, and I'm going to read the strategy guide and help him along. We're going to see if we can beat the anime to the end!

We'll see how that goes.
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So yeah, I bought and read the final Harry Potter book.

Thoughts - Full of spoilers )

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