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Aphrael ([personal profile] silverthunder) wrote2013-01-29 08:27 am
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Why do I read the FFXIV forums? Or any game's forums for that matter?

"If you're not playing the way I like to play, you are not a real gamer."

"If you don't agree with what I want to see in the game, you're obviously a complete retard who has no idea what makes a good game."

"If you can't master a boss fight in X amount of time, you are lame and not worth playing with, ever."

"If you say you're playing for fun, it's just to cover the fact that you suck."

"If your idea of difficulty differs from mine, you just want an easy button."

"Being amazingly awesome right off the bat is 100% necessary in order to have fun; otherwise, you're doing it wrong."

Paraphrased, of course.

VIDEO GAMES = SERIOUS BUSINESS. You are only having fun if you are l33t, goddamnit! Now don't suck, or else!