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Fire Emblem

I've decided to buy Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS! It looks super complex and might be a bit too much for me (I like a simple story with a manageable number of characters to keep track of - basically the opposite of this, haha), but Cody bought it and I tried it and it seems really fun, so... yup, gonna get it.

I know a couple of people on my FL have played it - if you happen to be reading this, any tips for a newb? (I'll be playing a female Avatar, of course!)
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Herrrrmmmggghhh.....I am so excited for you! I can't wait to talk to you about it!

I played the female avatar four times, so I have ONE WARNING FOR YOU: It IS possible for her to marry Chrom. If you don't want her to, don't keep her beside him all the time! The very first time I played, it happened, and I was shocked and amused all at once. I found that I actually really liked it, because it brought the game on a whole new and higher emotional plain. BUT THE GAME WANTS CHROM TO MARRY SUMIA. So watch for that, too. It's even in the fucking credits.

I also recommend playing the first round in the easy, casual mode, with no permadeath, just in case someone dies. That way, it's not ruined.

Additionally, certain people can only marry certain people in the Supports. You have to be careful about it, because it IS important later, in the second half of the game. The game will also be an asshole and CHOOSE a wife for Chrom by the end of the first part if you haven't yet - which is rude! So watch out for that, too.


I need an icon for this game!!
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SUMIA IS BORING. I also recommend the whole marrying Chrom at least on the first playthrough because IT ADDS SO MUCH DEPTH AND EMOTIONS.

Yes! You can actually look at the support logs of each person you get. If they're not on the list, or if they are on the list and don't have an 'S' there, you can't marry them.
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For grinding, you can buy Reeking boxes and summon Risen to the map to fight. Also, you can go to the bonus box and download maps to fight for free to get bonus characters from past games.