silverthunder: (Orphen - Stop the world)
Aphrael ([personal profile] silverthunder) wrote2013-05-06 08:20 pm
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Vanity presses

A very good article to read for anyone who might ever consider a vanity press in future to publish your writing (or if you know someone who might consider this option):

Don't pay someone a pile of money ($5000!) to publish your work. You probably won't get enough of it back to make it worthwhile. It sounds like most people would probably have a better readership on the Internet for free. Sure, the readers don't pay you to read your work, but at least you don't have to pay someone to get your writing out there. FictionPress and Archive of Our Own can still get you some readers if you're worried about rejection. It's a better place to start than a vanity press, for sure.

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